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William Boswell
Training Chairman
William Boswell

What Subjects Are Covered During the Basic Fire Investigation Course?
  • Legal Aspects of Fire Investigation
  • Fire Behavior/Dynamics
  • Origin Determination
  • Accidental Fire Causes
  • Incendiary Fire Causes
  • Fire Death Investigation
  • Evidence Collection and Preservation
  • Scene Documentation
  • Building Construction

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Programs at New Mexico Tech.

One of the goals of Chapter 25 IAAI is to provide membership with current and up to date training, besides its seminars Chapter 25 IAAI provides members with training sessions throughout the year, we work closely with the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation in an effort to keep investigators in Wisconsin aware of the ever changing trends and resources when it involves fire investigation, fire prevention and arson investigation, Chapter 25 IAAI will continue to aid membership with the resources that are available.

Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI offers a basic Fire Investigation Course that is offered two times during the year, the first offering is at our Spring Seminar which takes place in June, this is held in Stevens Point Wisconsin. The second offering is at our Fall Seminar which takes place in November and the location varies.

Chapter Offers Training Seminars Twice a Year
Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI offers seminars that occur twice in a calendar year, the first seminar is offered during the spring session, this session happens around the first week in June and runs for three days, classes offered include Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI's basic investigator class along with classes that feature other subjects related to fire investigation & fire cause.

The second session happens in November and covers a plethora of subjects concerning the fire investigator but more in depth, this session also includes the Chapter 25 IAAI basic fire investigator course.

If you are a seasoned investigator Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI offers more in depth classes and speakers on subjects related to fire investigation.

So if you are new to fire investigation or a seasoned investigator Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI will do it's best not only to train you right the first time but we will continue to provide current information at our seminars that will be of interest to the fire investigator for years to come.

If you are interested in attending a seminar put on by Wisconsin Chapter 25 IAAI please use the area located to the right to find the subjects that interest you and follow the links for more information.

New Training OpportunitySpring Seminar 2019. The Agenda for the Spring Seminar is now available.  The dates for this session are June 4th-6th at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Stevens Point WI. All information can be found and downloaded from the seminar registration page.

If you would like more information about the Basic Fire Investigation Course contact us.